About Me

Hi, I’m Jazlyn from ThePeppyMom.com

how to get kids active

I have two active daughters, one of which doesn’t like to smile for professional photographers, and a loving husband. They put up with me and I put up with them. It works out.

I live in my sweats. They’re not Nike or Adidas sweats. More like the kind of sweats you bleach things in. And yes, I do wear them to the grocery store. I know, I know. I’m always making goals to be better about dressing up, but for the 25% of moms out there who do the same thing, you guys are my people.

Someday I’ll get fancy sweats. Someday.

A few other things about me… I grew up as a science, fitness, and English language enthusiast. I ran track, excelled in my earth science and human anatomy classes, and killed it in A.P. English. I went on to complete a B.S. in exercise science at Brigham Young University with an emphasis in pre-medical studies and a minor in English. I coached Provo City’s cross-country league for three years and assisted coaching their track league for two years as well.

I dived into the human resources industry after college and worked as a manager for a small company for five years. Then I began freelance editing, which turned fairly lucrative.

But now I got your back. With young kids at home and more along the way, I know where you are. Just like you, I get stressed out. And just like you, I get tired.

I have two little secrets that help me get through the day: activities for kids and self-care for parents!

self-care for parents